Top 7 Ways to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

1. Collaborate with other agents

Sometimes a situation may come up where the workload is too much or perhaps a particular buyer or seller isn’t your cup of tea. Rather than turn these prospective clients down, it is better to collaborate or partner with another real estate agent. By partnering with another agent you can share the workload and prevent yourself from losing a prospect completely while paving the way for yourself to become truly successful.

2. Find an experienced Mentor

When you are first starting as a real estate agent, nothing can beat firsthand experience, and no one can give you better lessons than an experienced mentor. Ask a successful real estate agent to mentor you, as they will be able to tell you the ins and outs of the business, beyond what you can find in a textbook. So start by becoming an assistant to an established agent and learn the ropes from them.

3. Keep in touch with past clients

No one can say for sure where a prospective lead will come from, sometimes it comes from new sources and sometimes it may come from old sources. You never know when a client may be looking for another property to invest in. Also, if you were able to leave a positive and lasting impression on a client they may help you find other clients who might be interested in dealing with you.

4. Create and Cultivate an online presence

The digital era is now; today almost everyone has at least one social media account and people communicate regularly with each other through the world wide web. Creating an online presence using social media is a highly effective and sustainable strategy when it comes to marketing. You’d be surprised with the number of leads one can garner through the internet when one invests some time, money and implements an effective strategy.

5. Never lose your student mentality

Part of the job of a real estate agent is to educate their clients on the trends and issues of real estate; but how can an agent do this if they don’t educate themselves? Make sure you keep yourself up to date with the latest market trends and keep honing your skills to get better and better at your job. Lifelong learning leads to lifelong gains.

6. Know the ins and outs of the neighbourhood

A good real estate agent knows the basics about the neighbourhood in which they are doing business; a great agent is someone who is like a walking, talking encyclopaedia filled with neighbourhood tales and facts. They are the ones who can tell you the shortcuts, the secrets and the overall status of a neighbourhood. These agents know what is on the market, what has sold and which property offers the best returns. Become the go-to person in your sales area.

7. Attach yourself to a successful agency

No matter how good you may be at what you do, you cannot do everything alone, as the English saying goes, “No man is an island.” A successful agency will act like a platform or a foundation from which you can start building your career as an agent. They will help guide you and will tell you the best business practices when it comes to the industry. They can also help grow by teaching you new practices that you may not know about.

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