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Elite Legacy have developed a blueprint for all agents regardless if you are new to the industry or is experience in this industry. We have something for you. We will elevate your game play in this industry and groom you to be the very best. So long you have will, We have a way.

After years of adapting and understanding the market, Elite Legacy have came up with a master training plan which plays as our core believes and practice of who we really are.

Without this program, we would not have grow so rapidly till today and most importantly groom up individual to be their best version of themselves. It is a proven system that will equip our realtors with the capabilities to meet the needs and expectations of clients from the mass market to the most affluent of investor.

Through every step of the journey, Our realtors will be guided by our re-own and highly experienced industry trainer to assist them in breaking through. Below consist of an overview of the training structure and We are more than happy to welcome you to embark on a life-changing journey with us!

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Overview Elite Legacy Training Structure